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Digital printing on ceramic tile

We use a digital printer from one of the best European manufacturers.


01 / 08

Water-jet tile cutting

  • High quality and environmentally friendly.
  • Cutting of any materials thicker than 8 mm.
  • Accuracy, cutting lines of various complexity.
  • Production of graphic panels for the floor, rosettes, etc.
  • Custom-made drawings and calculation of materials.


02 / 08

Making designer's mosaic

  • Production of glass mosaic and custom-made mixes of colours.
  • Customized cutting a mosaic from any ceramic tile.

We offer the following types of mosaic:

  1. Glass mosaic, 8 mm;
  2. Glass mosaic, 4 mm;
  3. Extruded mosaic;
  4. Ceramic mosaic.


03 / 08

Production of steps and skirting boards

  • Notching the surface for the tiles and making steps.
  • Production of skirting boards for ceramic tiles.
  • Cutting tiles of any size.
  • Rounding of tile corners, cutting the angle at 45 degrees.
  • Production of free edgings for ceramic tiles.


04 / 08

Photo wallpaper printing

Photo wallpaper printing is another new service from Leo Ceramica that can inspire designers and completely transform the interior of any apartment, office or study.


05 / 08


Leo Ceramica offers the service of the interior design project. We provide the following services:

  • design project in 3D version (including all the furniture);
  • developed view of all the walls with tile layout (if necessary);
  • calculation of materials;
  • site visit for measurements (if necessary).


06 / 08


Leo Ceramica offers an additional service for its customers – delivery of purchased goods.

We deliver your orders weighing up to 3 tons to any area of ​​the city and region.

For details, contact the sales managers of Leo Ceramica stores.


07 / 08

Installation of doors

Installation of our doors is carried out by a special installation team with the help of quality equipment and reliable consumables for installation, which is included in the cost of installation works. High-quality installation will ensure reliable and long-term use of interior and entrance doors.


08 / 08

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